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Is This For Real?

Tell people you have no interest in getting married and they look at you funny.  Tell them you never wanted kids and some even get angry.  Society tells us to get married, or at least have a mate, have kids, and live a family life.  Pre-1970, and even pre-1980s, choosing to ignore these standards made you an outcast of sorts.  Even when you were married, eventually people would and did discuss the couple with no kids behind their backs.  Up to 90% of people conformed to this standard.

Did Everyone Want This Life?

Many people just followed what was expected of them.  To be an unmarried guy was to not have a career path, at most you got to low-level management.  You were not the “right kind of person” for the position.  All you need to do to guess how many guys were not in it happily just look at how many worked long hours, the office might have been better than home.

Today You Have Choices!

Some people always wanted kids from the time they were a kid.  Myself, there was never a moment I wanted to be a parent.  Seriously, not even once.  Kids are not cheap, either.  Each will cost you around $250,000,before college.  For that reason alone, you had better choose to be a parent for the joy of doing it.  Otherwise, you will resent everything, see what else might have been.

This site is for those of us who chose the other path.  Skipping the Rat Race and full house, taking a simple relaxing life.  Our cost is paying the school tax we will never use and taking the jobs the others cannot work for family obligations.  The reward is more of everything for ourselves.  Stay here and relas.