New Way to Think About Money

What They Don’t Teach in School Most people get very poor training in money management.  Schools once had “Life Skills” class that touched on it.  Parents sometimes teach it and sometimes don’t.  From my experience, maybe 20% of people reach adulthood knowing how things work.  I knew of one woman who in college got her

Degree Supply and Demand and The Changing Campus Culture

Commoditized Degrees All these years of more and more college students 1960-1990s had a weird effect on demand.  HR people started getting more and more resumes with a college degree.  As time went on, a degree was added as a formal or informal requirement.  HR people cannot be blamed here since their attitude was “if


The Opinion of College is Radically Changing! In 2017, the value of a college degree is being questioned like never before.  While building for some time as costs rose, the change in attitude really started changing around the time Barack Obama was elected President in 2008.  There were twin reasons for this.  The first was

Rat Race

RAT RACE Left to follow the current, the average guy will fall into what we call “The Rat Race.”  Partly described in the 1960s song “Little Boxes,” which you may have heard in the theme song to the TV show “Weeds” the song only describes the probably bests parts of it.  When you combine the

Furnishing the House

So Now You Have a House to Furnish! You have done it!  Lived like half-a-monk in the rent-a-room phase and you have a nice, little place.  Or a bigger place if you are going to rent out rooms due to no supply of the preferred duplex or other small homes.  Either one means you have

Furnishing the Room

Furnishing in a Minimalist Way Furnishing a room or home must be done right.  We want our places to be decorated, comfortable, and just nice.  The older you get, the more stuff you end up with.  George Carlin had a good piece in the 1980s where he said, “Your house is a place for you

Filling Your Closet

Modern Minimalism (again!) People like to fill their houses.  The bigger the house, the more they fill it.  So many fill them with junk.  All this does is cost money, take up space, and nail you down.  As life goes on, you will accumulate enough good quality items to lead a nice, relaxed life.  Until