Couponing and Stockpiling

COUPONING At first, I thought coupons and discount cards were not worth the trouble.  I had a discount card in Rochester, NY, for the great deals.  Upon a move to Phoenix I was going to skip it my first grocery trip.  15 minutes later I was adding up how much I would save with the

Different Shifts, Different Benefits

What shift should you work if given a choice?   The path to the “hustle” life is not direct.  Even when you have it going, you might take a “regular” job for a short time because you need to, the money is just too good, or it is a part of your plan for being

TV “Work” vs. Real Work

TV IS NOT WORK REALITY.  REALITY IS NOT WORK REALITY   Americans are a depressed lot.  Antidepressant pills get prescribed like candy.  In a wealthy society, in a land of plenty.  Often well-off people at that, people who’s basic needs are more than met.  Why is this?  I am convinced a large part is our


Flipping Expenses to Income or Savings Why are broke people always broke?  I have talked about it all over this site, but one big reason is they are always giving their money to someone else.  With that, they rarely give it to themselves, and hardly ever have someone give them money.  All the while they