United States Postal Service I thought a lot about if I should put this job in the list.  I have known people who like and totally hate working there.  A government agency, it puts you around people who do not at all fit the BPB lifestyle.  With all that, there are reasons to consider here. 

3. Electrician

The Modern World Would Not Exist Without Electricity We use electricity constantly.  Most people are afraid to touch it.  For the most part, it is not the hardest thing to do.  It does take some basic training to get up and started.  It takes a few years of training to do the more complex things

2. Welding

A “Hot” Job Along with Trucking, Welding is one of those jobs you seem to see first whenever there is a news piece on blue collar jobs with a shortage of workers.  It is one of those jobs that can be just fascinating to watch.  (You should, BTW, never stare too closely at a welder

1. Trucking

A Misunderstood Profession The Trucking Industry is viewed many ways by the general public.  Some find the trucker a not too bright individual who took one of the only jobs they could get.  Others think it is some kind of adventure.  Still others just see the truck they are stuck behind and wish everything was